Use Your Head-Use A Helmet

Manville PBA #236 in conjunction with Manville Police Department and LJ’s Boardwalk will be starting its Bicycle Helmet Awareness Safety Campaign on June 1, 2017. If an Officer sees a bicyclist, skater or skateboard rider who is wearing an approved helmet, the Officer will issue them a “ticket.” This ticket entitles the rider or skater to a free regular ice cream cone at LJ’s Boardwalk. New Jersey law requires helmets on any bicyclist, skater or skateboard rider age 17 and under. For those who are not in compliance with the helmet law, they will be issued a real summons and be required to appear in Municipal Court. As stated in the law, people who are issued a summons for not wearing an approved helmet and are able to produce a helmet for Court, they can have the summons dismissed. Please do not approach Officers, allow them to approach you. This is for their safety as well as your own.

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