Temporary Handicapped Placard Information

The Manville Police Department issues temporary handicapped placards for Borough residents only.

  • Obtain an application from the Police Department.
  • Have  your physician fill out the right hand portion of the application.
  • Return the application to the Manville Police Department. A check in the amount of $4.00 is needed when you return the application. This check should be made payable to "NJ Motor Vehicle Commission." The handicapped placard will be issued at that time.
  • This placard is valid for six months and can be renewed one time for an additional six months. There is no charge for the renewal.

Permanent Placard Information

A permanent handicapped placard is issued by the Motor Vehicle Commission. This is for someone who has a permanent condition. Applications are available by calling the Motor Vehicle Commission at 609-292-6500, Special Plate Unit. These placards are available free of charge and are valid for four years. A renewal form is sent to the home prior to the expiration date. License plates are also available from the Special Plate Unit.

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